Energy Storage Facilities

50MW Battery storage scheme within a building


The design, manufacture and construction of a portal frame structural steel building, with acoustic cladding system, CFD modelled ventilation on a ground bearing slab complete with external HV precast troughs and transformer slabs.

Project Overview

The clients battery cube was initially designed to be located externally however due to strict planning constraints there was a requirement for the batteries and invertors to be housed within a building. The building had to provide 39dB sound reduction requiring substantial insulation yet had to dissipate the heat generated from the equipment which was increasingly difficult due to the insulation requirements for the acoustic constraints. The project was also located on a London Clay with a very high plasticity index and a real risk of heave requiring deep foundations and stone fill.

Scope of works
  • Pad foundations
  • Deep stone fill to underside of slab as per the NHBC guidance for expansive soil
  • Details ground bearing slab with multiple cable troughs, channels and ducts
  • Structural steel portal frame building with 160mm thick build up cladding system with Rockwool fill
  • 18no inlet louvers with negative deflection to enable adequate cooling to the batteries
  • 18no exhaust fans
  • Site drainage
  • Swale attenuation pond construction
  • External HV troughs
  • External transformer slabs

Project Gallery