JBF Group Yorkshire

JBF Group Yorkshire offer a full turnkey solution from concept through to installation and commissioning of a range of mechanical equipment for the water industry. With our in depth knowledge and standardisation approach to all our products we have the ability to service our clients needs promptly and advise on any questions/queries that may arise.

We offer a fast turnaround time from placement of order to delivery to site based on our standardisation of products and harmonised designs within our archive / library of designs .

JBF Yorkshire offer standardised products as detailed and listed below:

Rotating Half Bridge Scrapers up to 35M Diameter
Rotating Three Quarter Bridge Scrapers up to 40M Diameter
Rotating Full Bridge Scrapers up to 50M Diameter
Centre Drive Fixed Half Bridge Scrapers up to 30M Diameter
Centre Drive Fixed Full Bridge Scrapers up to 40M Diameter
Sludge Thickener Bridge and Scrapers
Picket Fence Thickener Bridge and Scrapers
Chain and Flight Scraper Assemblies for DAF Process Plants
Stainless Steel Launders, Weir plates, Scum boards, Diffusion Drums
Refurbishment of Existing Assets
Asset Condition Survey
GRP Covers
GRP Launders, Weir plates, Scum board and Diffusion Drums
Process and Storage Tanks (Carbon & Stainless Steel)
Access Gantries and Steelwork
Bespoke Engineering and Fabrication Solutions
Eel Screen Platforms Assemblies and Integrated Systems
Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel Inlet Channel Assemblies
Our modular designs are primarily based to cover the asset standards requirements
In turn this makes our costs competitive based from our modular designs
Ideal for early design involvement
Reduce overall project delivery time (enquiry / design / offsite manufacture / installation)